Thursday, 27 September 2012

Over around 90 years, women have evolved to not objects of desire but people that can be treated as equal as men , which should have been implemented years ago before now. Over this long period of time advertising using women have changed from propaganda advertising for the war to unnecessary nudity and sexual references on advertisements on television, if you look closely to the video you notice that the women every year show more skin and pose more sexually and erotically, this could be because this appeals to the consumers nowadays? You tell me...

Marina And The Diamonds criticises record label for refusing to release 'ugly' video Marina And The Diamonds Tick

This statement was tweeted by a famous singer Marina and the Diamonds, apparently her record label denied her to release her new single because she was not pretty enough for it to be released. In my personal opinion i find that this is outrageous, how her own record label would deny her the chance to release a new song. This shows how fickle the music industry is and how if you do not have the correct look you will be "shot down" by the music industry and will have to change your image to stay in the music industry or you rebel against the music industry and be different. 

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Ted Review

This is my review on the movie Ted and in this review i will talk about Ted and give you facts and opinons on the movie with several other inputs by different people.